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Remove special characters from WordPress slug

To create the “slug” (the URL-friendly version of your post’s title) WordPress is supposed to “sanitize” the title of your post. However, even though it escapes special characters using the regular % methods, they seem to worm their way back

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Amazing CSS tricks – Pure CSS Light Beams

This guy has made something really cool with CSS, it’s a couple of wavy colored lines. Actually this whole website is chock full of cool CSS stuff. Check it out!

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Dynamic software is hard

Working on some very difficult, extremely dynamic SpeedGUI design lately. Came accross this quote: Wikipedia: The authors admit that delegation and parameterization are very powerful but add a warning: “Dynamic, highly parameterized software is harder to understand and build than

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Hot day in Texas today!

Whew! It’s Mostly Cloudy and 100F outside here at DG in Frisco, TX.

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